Competitive Advantage of Hawaiian Beef

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Geographical superiority


Geographical Location

  • The cattle to be raised in a low virus contaminated environment.
  • The isolation of Hawaii exposes to less virus risks.
  • No mad cow disease (BSE etc.) has ever occurred as well as other typical viruses.
Integrated production at a production area suitable for producing medical materials


Integrated Facilities for Production of Medical Materials.

  • The cattle to be raised in a limited range of breeding section separately.
  • The breeding and feeding to be well managed
  • The quality of drinking water to be kept stable.
  • The level of pollutants are extremely low.
  • The cattle feed contains additional iron nutrients from volcanic environment.
Thorough breeding management


Thorough Breeding Management

  • Focus on 1 to 3 kinds of cattle for CCRPS and BDRMS. (mainly Black Angus)
  • ACC will provide from artificial insemination to manage the age of cattle till commercializing all products.
  • The implementation of not only slaughterhouse and facilities for BDRMS and CCRPS enables ACC to produce most efficiently and effectively.
Medical-Related Production
Hawaiian Beef
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