Corporate Action Guidelines

  1. We shall strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations in all aspects of corporate activities.
  2. We shall devote ourselves to improve our technologies and provide high-quality social capital and related services.
  3. We shall work on thorough safety measures so that all people can get peace of mind.
  4. We shall evaluate each and every employee fairly and rightly and create a rewarding work environment.
  5. We shall strive to protect the global environment with the aim of creating a recyclingoriented society.
  6. We shall build a sound and transparent relationship with politics, administration, etc.
  7. We shall exclude anti-social forces and firmly reject torts and unfair claims.
  8. We shall engage proactively in social contribution activities as a member of the local community.
  9. We shall disclose corporate information to customers, shareholders, etc. in a timely and appropriate manner.
  10. While we shall work on corporate activities with respect for this basic policy, in the event of a situation that violates this basic policy, we shall endeavor to investigate the cause and prevent a recurrence.