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Company name Aloha Cattle Company, Inc. (“ACC”)
Representative Director Masaharu Inami (CEO)
Directors Jun Minamitani (CFO)
Toshio Watanabe (CTO)
[Head Office]
Waikoloa Highlands Center, 68-1845Waikoloa Road , Unit 112 (PMB243), Waikoloa, HAWAII 96738
[Japan Liaison Office]
Level 6 UZ Bldg., 3-3-17 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan
Foundation April 15, 2011
Paid-up capital 2,731,054 U.S. Dollars
Directors’ profile
Masaharu INAMI (CEO)
  • ・Inami has been engaged in wide range of medical business including development of medical equipment, creation of new market, etc. for nearly 40 years. In last 17 years, he has been specifically engaged in research for clinical application of regenerative medicine technologies, and succeeded in first-time severe burn treatment with autologous cultured skin in Japan (LifeSkin; US-made autologous cultured skin) . Then, he succeeded in developing autologous cultured skin through Japanese technologies, and contributed to the emergency treatment of severely burned patients at the time of the disastrous nuclear accident in Tokaimura in 1999, the terrorist attack by firebomb in Sakhalin in 2002, etc.
  •  Due to the outbreak of BSE, he drew up a business plan to implement R&D for reagents, materials for culture (scaffold, FBS, etc.), etc. which are required for regenerative medicine studies by utilizing safe Hawai’i raised cattle.
  •  He has been focusing on actualizing the project through closely liaising with the State of Hawai’i, local relevant society, etc. since June 2003.
  • ・Minamitani, after graduated from the University of Tokyo, joined Marubeni Corporation and was engaged in domestic and international finance business. He was seconded to London in 1984 to take up the assignment at its finance subsidiary newly established in London, where he worked on project finance, capital market services, etc..
  • ・He, then, joined County NatWest in London (a security arm of National Westminster Bank) to work on corporate finance, and thereafter was engaged in securitization at First National Bank of Chicago in London, overseas fund management services at Royal Bank of Canada Group in Tokyo, CFO at a venture capital in Tokyo, etc.
  • ・Watanabe, after graduated from Tokyo Science University of Chemistry Department, worked mainly for a leading US life-science company for more than 30 years where he was engaged in manufacturing business on raw materials for biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, etc. After retirement, he has been engaged in couple of educational project related to clinical tests as a visiting professor, Graduate School of Medicine Clinical Trial Studies, Yokohama City University as well as acting as a consultant for couple of companies related to bio-pharmaceutical and regenerative medicine.
  • ・He is one of the leading authorities on the research for overall biological raw materials including FBS, etc. which are required for regenerative medicine in Japan.


Aloha Cattle Company, Inc. (“ACC”)
Waikoloa Highlands Center,
68-1845 Waikoloa Road ,
Unit 112 (PMB243) Waikoloa, HAWAII 96738
Japan Liaison Office
Level 6 UZ Bldg., 3-3-17 Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062, Japan
Medical-Related Production
Hawaiian Beef
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