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Management Philosophy

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    Carry out research, development and production of Bovine-derived Raw Materials for Pharmaceuticals (“BDRMS”) that contribute to future medical care especially through Regenerative Medicine industry.

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    Develop a healthy food culture by the production of healthy beef bred in drug-free breeding method to ensure safety and security of food.

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    Create and expand employment opportunities in the State of Hawaii and its regions through originating new business models.


Masaharu Inami

Dr. Calvin Lum has taught me the livestock in Hawai’i and he yearned to export Hawaiian beef.

The BSE incident in mainland USA struck in Dec 2003 postposed our export plan, and he passed away in 2009 before he was able to make his dream come true.

I, with his passion and love for Hawai’i and Hawaiian beef, is determined to realize his dream.

Masaharu Inami

Mr. George Yokoyama

George Yokoyama氏について

The first encounter to Mr. George Yokoyama was my first visit to the ranch and slaughter facility in Big Island in 2012 for presentation pitch. George came up after I presented Project U and gave an encouragement emphasizing the importance of redeveloping livestock business in Big Island to create employment.

He, after the war, supported Hawaiians and Japanese Americans through industrial development. I believe, out-of-state market inspired him where he saw many challenges Hawai’i was confronting during that time.

As he helped the project to connect with both federal and state governments, the business shifted to the next stage.

He passed away at the age of 90 in March 2017.

He has been one of the best associates and will be.


Win-win relationship with producers
  • The business objective is to purchase cattle raised in Hawaii and process them to final products.
  • The process in relation to breeding and fattening the cattle are consigned to the ranchers, the experts of livestock production. It will be done in accordance with the instructions stipulated between ranchers and ACC.
  • The business model for livestock sector will go through renewal by utilizing each other's expertise and collaborations.
Joint R&D with University of Hawaii (Breed improvement and Hawaiian feed)
  • Produce beef that leverages Hawaiian brand power by feeding not only pasture, but other Hawaiian grown fruits or plants. (Brand: Aloha Beef)
  • Disclose R&D results such as artificial insemination technologies and use of original Hawaiian feed to local ranchers and others involved in agriculture business for contributing to the redevelopment of livestock industry in Hawaii.

Business Strategy

By taking advantage of cattle raised in Hawaii, the safest place for producing cattle in the world;
  • Produce safe and secure lean meat beef.
  • Beef products will ship to Japan, Asian countries, the intrastate market in Hawaii, and mainland U.S. (trade as “Aloha Beef” in Japan)
  • Produce Bovine-derived Raw Materials for Pharmaceuticals (“BDRMS”) and Cell Culture Related Products (serums, etc.) (“CCRPS”).
  • Sell BDRMS and CCRPS to regenerative medicine researchers and pharmaceutical companies in Japan and the USA.
Rather than aiming mass production of cattle products, high value-added products are essential to the business. ACC will;
  • Carry out integrated operations from conception through artificial insemination to calving, breeding, fattening and processing.
  • Improve production efficiency and carry out quality control by conducting strict production process control including management of age in months of individual cow. (Traceability: identifying producers is pre-requisite especially for medical sector.)
  • Aim to commercialize the Hawaiian beef and improve the quality of taste by ongoing research on breeding.
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